Still looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Can’t find that special tie that says “I love you Dad”?

Stop looking and get Dad the gift that says “You’re the best Dad ever!” by giving him his very own copy of Auto Insurance Coverage Law in Ontario.

Think of those frequent moments when Dad would rather skip a round of golf to read about what makes a motor vehicle an “automobile”. Or when he would prefer to pass on poker night so he can sit in his favourite chair and read the latest on the territorial limits of Ontario’s automobile insurance policy.

Read what one lucky dad had to say:

I remember Father’s Day 2017 like it was yesterday. It was sunny. There was a brisk northwesterly wind. The neighbour was mowing her lawn. The local children were playing street hockey. Brooks Koepka won his 1st major with a 16-under par 272 round at Erin Hills, Wisconsin.

I was bummed. My family didn’t take me out for brunch and I was starving. The Jays game was sold out. My pub ran out of Guinness.

All was lost. A bust. Worst Father’s Day ever.

But then, straight out of left field, my youngest called me into the den. My family was sitting on the couch. The kids gave me a wrapped gift.

It was a rectangular, slightly bendable object. It was three dimensional, measuring roughly 9 inches long, 6 inches wide, and half an inch thick.

I suspected it might be a book.

I started ripping the wrapping paper. My wife reminded me to go slowly so we could reuse the giftwrap. I could feel the sweat beading down my brow as I started peeling away the layers of what seemed like an endless amount of paper. The anxiety was overwhelming.

As that last layer of wrapping paper peeled away, I could see what appeared to be an image of a gargantuan yellow umbrella covering a red car.

Could it be? Was it?


My very own copy of Auto Insurance Coverage Law in Ontario!!!!

I LOVE my children!!!

Imagine the opportunity to spend a relaxing summer evening with Dad at the cottage, sitting by the camp fire, and reading about direct compensation property coverage under section 263 of the Insurance Act. The birds begin to sing that sweet summer song. The evening air smells like warm apple pie. And just when the moment couldn’t be any more perfect, Dad reads out loud:

In 1990, Ontario decreased the need for litigation for property damage claims by removing the right to pursue a court action against other parties. The province introduced s. 263 of the Insurance Act, a direct compensation system for property damage claims. It is referred to as “direct compensation” because it focuses on the insured collecting insurance proceeds directly from their own insurer; the insured no longer has a right to pursue other parties who were at fault for the accident. As a result, the insurer cannot pursue these claims either. Indeed, the insurers’ subrogated claims under the old system were derived from the insureds’ own rights of action.

Make June 17, 2018 a day to remember for Dad. Say “Happy Father’s Day Dad” with the gift he’s always wanted! Order your copy of Auto Insurance Coverage Law in Ontario today and let Dad know that you are no longer a “dependant”, as that word is defined in section 3 (1) of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule.


  • Daniel Strigberger

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