Everyone is included.

Leading by example.

The insurance industry is changing, and we are prepared to lead by example. Our diverse team of lawyers is dedicated to equality and inclusivity, inside and outside of firm walls. Our lawyers are certified in diversity training and exemplify this in their day to day. We strongly believe that a diverse law firm is key to delivering a broad range of opinions and perspectives on client matters. With a majority female partnership in place, SBA strives to lead the way with respect to equality and diversity in the legal industry. We value each team member with the highest regard, no matter their age, gender, race or sexual orientation. We believe strongly that great work speaks for itself and that equality matters.

We believe in working towards equality for all. Part of this core belief can be seen in our work with Shelter Movers – a volunteer-based organization that works to help women and children transition from a violent and abusive household. We believe strongly in the work that they do and we do our very best to support their cause. Our volunteer work lines up with our core values and we continue to support these causes with dedication and passion.

Finally, we are proud of our modern and nontraditional composition: The majority of the firm’s lawyers, partners, and managing partner are women.