Come join our herd.

We are looking for elephants articling students to join our team.

Are you looking for:

  • Mentorship
  • Career Development
  • Open Doors
  • Exposure to clients
  • Computer
  • Work/Life balance
  • Imagination
  • Cookies

Are you up to the tusk?

Articling students have an important role to play in the delivery of legal services to our clients. As an articling student, you will get deep into the trenches. You will receive hands on experience and a higher degree of responsibility in all aspects of the litigation process than you could expect from many other firms.

Too many firms use their articling students exclusively as research robots. We think those firms should hire researchers, not articling students. At SBA, you will no doubt be performing some research. However, you will also get immersed in the litigation process and procedure. During the course of your articles at SBA, you are expected to gain experience with the following:

  • Draft pleadings and facta.
  • Draft arbitration responses and assist us at arbitrations before the Licence Appeal Tribunal.
  • Draft Affidavits of Documents.
  • Attend with us at client interviews and strategy meetings.
  • Attend with us and assist us at examinations for discovery and examinations under oath.
  • Prepare motion materials and attend upon motions.
  • Prepare mediation materials and assist us at mediations.
  • Prepare settlement materials, including full and final release documents.
  • Prepare pre-trial materials and assist us at pre-trials.
  • Participate in preparing for trials and assisting us at trials.

At the end of your articles, you’ll look back and be amazed at how much practical experience you received.

Finally, no articling experience is complete without socializing. At SBA, we include our articling students in all of our monthly lawyer meetings, client marketing events and all of our other firm social events.

The elephant in the room.

Every articling student thinks about hire back before they even start articling. That’s cool, because we think about hire back when we interview you for articling.

We believe in growing from within. That is why, where possible, we try to look to our existing articling students for hire back.

What about the peanuts?

Articling students receive remuneration competitive with salaries paid by insurance defence firms in Toronto.

In addition:

  • The firm will pay for various LSO fees, irrelephant of hire back.
  • Articling students receive a dental, health and life insurance benefit package, which will cover you and your dependants.
  • Articling students are entitled to 2 weeks of paid vacation during their articling term.

We offer formal and informal mentorship for ivoryone.

In addition to the educational and practical aspects of the articling experience at SBA, you will also receive formal and informal mentorship. You will be mentored by all of the lawyers in the firm during your articles, as that is the nature and purpose of articling. However, you will also be formally paired with both a senior and a junior lawyer in the firm who will meet with you throughout your articles to assist you with your adjustment into the practice of law, provide you with guidance and advice throughout your articles and to discuss and assess your articling experience along the way. 

Your mentors will seek you out and meet with you privately, such as over lunch, during your articles but, as you will realize, after a short time at SBA, an invitation or appointment will not be necessary to speak to any of the lawyers in the firm.

Meet our 2023-24 students.

Ajay Ghuman

Ajay Ghuman

Student at Law

Irene Tsui

Irene Tsui

Student at Law

Rotem Fellus

Rotem Fellus

Student at Law